Waist to hip ratio calculator is another useful tool that can help you to see how healthy is your body and helps you understand the probability of serious health risk.

As the name of the tool indicates, this tool compares the measurements of your waist and hips and calculates the ratio between these two numbers. Simply put, this calculator helps you understand where your body stores fats. According to WHO (World Health Organization) the ratio should be below 0,85 for men and below 0,75 for women.

Stress is considered one factor that can influence the waist to hip ratio. Hormone Cortisol, which is released into our bodies during stress can have negative impact on fat distribution and therefore cause the fat to be stored around waist rather than hips.

According to some researches, the waist to hip ratio (WHS) could indicate how attractive the woman

WHS is also used for older people to anticipate how long they will live is.

People who have more weight accumulated around their waist than around hips will more likely get diseases like diabetes and heart diseases and face serious health issues. So in general, person with pear-shaped body is at less health risk than the ones with apple-shaped body.

In order to prevent high waist to hip ratio, it is important to have healthy lifestyle which includes correct food habits. Join our diet clinic where our dietitians are ready to help you with the right diet to keep your body healthy.