Diet Clinic offers a host of personalized Diet Programs which help in losing weight in a time-bound and planned manner provided these diet plans are followed sincerely. These personalized Diet programs are prepared under the supervisions and guidance of Diet Clinic’s mentor dietician Sheela Sehrawat. These Diet plans are customized according to an individual’s body type and metabolism. Every individual varies when it comes to Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), body’s tendency and potential to lose or gain weight, medical history of an individual and various other genetic and lifestyle factors therefore the same diet cannot work on every person in a similar fashion. A particular diet may help an individual in losing 3-4 Kgs in 30 days whereas if applied on another person, it may just help in reducing 1 to 1.5 Kgs. Care is also taken in recommending the foods to eat by a person because a person might be allergic to a particular food item or the body may be gradual in responding to a particular food product. Some people might be overweight yet they may be suffering from the deficiency of a particular nutrient important for the proper functioning of the body and show satisfactory results. For instance, people who do not tend to go out much in the sunlight might be suffering from Vitamin D and B12 deficiency which can be met by certain type of foods. However, this and a lot of other similar things depend on the detailed summary of your physical attributes which are collected from you in the very beginning before chalking out a suitable diet plan for you. Therefore personal diets are the most effective and sure-shot way of losing weight.

Your personalized weight loss program begins by filling up a detailed registration form by our expert dietician. This registration form helps us understand your medical history or condition, eating habits, lifestyle and many other relevant factors which affect weight management. After analyzing these factors we schedule a meeting or phone call with the client to discuss further peculiarities and to clear any doubts of the client regarding diets. After detailed consultation, our dietician prepares a 3-4 day diet plan for you and we monitor how your body responds to the new diet plan. The response helps us to plan further diets. Initially, it takes some time but it in the longer run this is the most effective and conducive weight loss formulae. The best part is you don’t have to take any type of medication or use any weight loss equipment. You do not have to work out or do any strenuous exercises because our diet plans are sufficient to make you lose weight. However, combining our diets with a daily half an hour brisk walk will expedite the process and will have better results. Our weight loss program is simple, gradual but completely scientific as we never allow starvation.