Lifestyle disorders are neither genetic nor contagious. These are serious health complications which are a byproduct of a careless and casual approach towards oneself and one’s environment. Today a large number of victims of lifestyle disorders include teenagers, working women, housewives and most of all, corporate professionals. The factors largely contributing to the onset of lifestyle diseases are long working hours, stress at workplace, irregular eating habits, low intake of fluids, physical inactivity, consumption of alcohol in excess, smoking, wrong body posture, inadequate sleep and unsuitable or unhygienic work environment. 80% of the health problems afflicting corporate professionals trigger off due to a bad lifestyle. 15% are due to unhygienic conditions at workplace and the rest 5% are due to other factors. Lifestyle disorders erupting out of an unorganized lifestyle can be controlled and treated during the initial stages with the help of a suitable diet, a little bit of exercise and with a sincere effort to organize one’s daily routine and taking some precautionary measures such as abstaining from smoking and excess consumption of alcohol. But if ignored for long these ailments can give rise to other serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease which may be irreparable in some cases. High calorie food or junk food, physical inactivity, incorrect body posture and disturbed biological clock are main perpetrators of lifestyle disorders.

Some of the most common lifestyle disorders affecting people now-a-days include, Obesity, Indigestion, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Insomnia, Hypertension, Depression etc. to name a few. Our expert Dietician Sheela Sehrawat has developed a wide range of customized Lifestyle Diets in order to tackle these disorders and maintain apposite weight for a healthy, fit and active lifestyle. A little bit of stretching exercises or a barely half an hour brisk walk every morning combined with our Lifestyle Diets can work miracles on your body and mind. You will feel free and spirited throughout the day and will be able to contribute more to your family and work in terms of attention and productivity. As our Lifestyle Diets are based upon disorders related to your lifestyle therefore it is important that our dietician should know and understand your daily routine thoroughly in terms of your eating habits, your work, your medical history and other details about you. The information collected from you through a registration form will help us churn out the best suitable Lifestyle Diet plan for you which can get you maximum benefit and in a lesser time.