People often think that a healthy and fit body is a result of torturous exercises and a highly stressful fitness regime but what people forget is that an appropriately balanced diet containing all the nutrients a body needs play the most important role in shaping a ake is fully healthy and fit body. Purely sweating out on the tread mill or lifting weights or doing loads of sit-ups is not something which would give you a healthy and active body. Instead over exercising might tire you so much that you may not be able to do any of your daily tasks and end up sleeping the whole day long. On the other hand all the hard-work you are doing in the gym might make you hungrier and you may end up adding some extra kilos by eating more after an exhaustive gym session. The basic tip and the most fundamental tip about health and fitness is that Diet is what makes your body work. If you are in a profession which requires long hours of sitting work than obviously consuming a heavy meal is not advisable as it would not be used up by the body completely and will keep storing in our body in the form of flab. Besides, body demands all nutrients, vitamins and carbohydrates in balanced proportions to make your body function properly and actively. Therefore, it is very important that you have everything in proper and balanced proportions and in a planned manner according to your body requirements so that the diet intake is entirely utilized by your body irrespective of whether you are working professional or a sportsperson. You do not have to avoid anything in particular in your diet until and unless if it is medically not recommended. The biggest health and wellness tip which Deitician Sheela Sehrawat offers, is “Let your Diet work for you” So you need to follow a diet which is the basic key to maintaining your body in a proper shape. Eat the diet recommended by expert dietician from Diet Clinic which includes a variety of foods yet you will not gain weight.

Diet Clinic has been helping people to reduce body weight through their customized Diet Programs in a time bound manner. Our mentor dietician Sheela Sehrawat has developed several weight loss diet plans during the 11 years of Diet Clinic as an expert dietician. These diet plans are prepared according to an individual’s needs on the basis of his or her physical attributes, body metabolism, genetic and lifestyle related factors and keeping into account the medical history or health issues if any. Your Diet is the biggest tip for your Health and Wellness and that’s where Diet Clinic comes into the scene. As an individual with different tastes, different eating habits and different lifestyle you deserve the best and a unique solution for your obesity problems which cannot match or be identical to anyone else’s diet.