Calories burned calculator helps you to find out how much calories you need per day to maintain your weight. The calculator takes into account several factors which directly influence the estimated needed intake of calories.

These factors are weight, height, gender and lifestyle – e.g. how much physically you are active.

You burn calories with every activity you do during a day. So if you want to burn more calories, you should be more active. That means taking a walk in the morning or at night, go for a run, do some sports. All these activities help you burn more calories.

If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to know how much calories you burn during the day. To lose one pound of weight, you should burn about 3500 calories. This means that you should burn 3500 more calories than what is your intake of calories.

Using this calculator regularly will help you in adjusting your life style and physical activities according to your needs.