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Book an appointment NOW with our expert Dietician for a customized Diet Program exclsively prepared for you. After joining the package you will be required to fill up a detailed Registration Form. The Registration Form can be accessed from our clinic or even online. (Your Registration Form will help us assess the severity of your problem and understand your dietary, physical and medical needs accordingly.) Our Dietician / Nutritionist will call you immediately after your registration and will ask basic questions pertaining to your lifestyle and your medical history. If you do not have the time or if it’s inconvenient for you to visit the clinic, this can be done telephonically too.

After analyzing your Therapeutic and Medical requirements as per your lifestyle, we will chalk out an exclusive diet plan for you which suit you the best. Initially, a 3-4 day diet program will be provided to you, which you will have to follow meticulously. You will be required to provide us with your feedback on the Diet program recommended for you and report the weight loss or improvements in your health on your next visit. You can also communicate the same to us through email, WhatsApp or SMS a day before your visit.

Our 30 or 90 day diet management programs can help you get faster relief from your health problems. Our Therapeutic packages are designed keeping in mind the severity of the disease. So you can choose a therapeutic package suiting your requirement and then follow the step by step procedure for a speedy recovery.

These Therapeutic packages have a multi-pronged approach. They will not only treat your medical problem but will also help you reduce weight simultaneously through a balanced diet. The diet plan will help in full body weight loss besides reducing inches off your waistline without any medication or exercise.

We do not offer you a mediocre diet program. We will be providing you healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes too (you can retrieve these from our Diet Cook Book or our website). There is strict ‘NO’ to crash diets. Your Diet plan will be based on your BMI, assessment of the detailed data provided by you. Our Dietician will be available from 9 am – 6 pm to take your queries or any kind of consultation. Late hour consultation will be only on request or for international clients.