Body fat is the part of human body that consists of fat. It is also called “adipose tissue.” This tissue stores lipids, from which our body creates energy as well as some important hormones.

Body fat calculator helps you to measure total body fat based on your size. The calculator uses measurement of different parts of your body. It is also important to include gender as men and women store fats in different ways and in distinctive parts of our bodies.

Having excess body fat does not necessarily mean that you are overweight. Some people can weight too much due to other reasons like having a lot of muscles or heavy bones.

Too much of body fat can also lead to health problems like blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance and blood clotting.

It is very important to control the of body fat in our bodies. It seems to be simple as we can see or find on the interned a lot of instructions on how to rapidly loose body fat. But this is not the correct way as your goal should be not only losing excess body fat, but to also maintain the right amount. Diets at our diet clinic can help you achieve and maintain healthy body fat percentage while avoiding fast losing of fat. With help from our dieticians you will get diet that is right for you and your body.