The 90-Day package will be suitable for those looking for a natural and healthy weight loss. It will help in full body tone up and fat depletion without any strong pills, equipments and strenuous exercises. Diet Clinic will help you shed off all your extra body fat at highly attractive discounts with 90 day’s weight loss package. Lose weight without strenuous exercises, monotonous diets, pills etc. and only homemade diets which are sufficient for natural and permanent weight loss.

Signing up process After booking this weight loss package you have to fill our registration form at clinic or online, the form will help us understand your physical, medical and dietary requirements. Then you meet or receive a call from a dietician from our side, to discuss about your lifestyle and other relevant issues.

After analyzing your lifestyle, we prepare a diet plan that fits your profile the best and provide you a diet plan for the next 3 to 4 days. After thoroughly following up the diet plan for 3-4 days, you will be required to give your feedback to your dietician by phone, Whats app or sms or by personally visiting the clinic.

The treatment time and expected results This is a 90 days program which allows you to lose 1 to 2 kilos per week depending on your metabolic rate. As the 90-Day package gives you more counseling sessions at a lesser cost, it turns out to be more economical than the 30-day package. The diets are meticulously prepared as per the personal specifications of the client and you can lose around 10 kilos within a period of 3 months. Discussions and modifications are done on a regular basis.

What differentiates us from the rest
1) We will be providing you with a 3-4 days diet plan initially.
2) We will be providing you with healthy and easy to prepare recipes too. (These can also be picked up from our Diets cook book, or from our website).
3) We do not recommend crash diets.
4) Diet plans will be prepared according to your BMR and other health assessment tools
5) Our dietician is available on phone / Whats App from 9 am -6 pm IST, Late hours on request or only for international clients.